About Me

I am a mechatronics engineering student at the University of Waterloo with a keen interest in machine learning, embedded systems, brain-computer interfaces, and software development.

My Resume

Work Experience


I am currently a Display Engineering Intern at Tesla. Currently, I am working on a developing software for a robot to test displays and ensure they function properly. I developed some cool algorithms to perform gradient descent and axis transformations.

University of Waterloo Vision and Image Processing Lab

As an undergraduate research assistant for the VIP lab, I developed python code with Detectron2 to be used to detect northern leaf blight in maize. Most of my time was spent analyzing results and calculating AP/AR for all the ground truth and predicted images of corn.

Ford Motor Company

I was a Firmware Development co-op at Ford. My role was to work on developing the bootloader and kernel for the telematics control unit (TCU) and also Sync, Ford's infotainment system. These systems play an important role in Ford vehicles.


I interned at Geotab as an Automotive R&D Intern. Here I worked on many different projects. The above image shows a mini-car replica that I created to demonstrate Geotab's IOX-Keyless, which would allow vehicles to be unlocked/locked using bluetooth or NFC.

Design Teams


WATonomous is an autonomous car team, we participate in the SAE Autodrive Challenge which is a series of challenges to test the functionality of our Level 4 autonomous car in real-life scenarios. My role consists of developing the ROS interface to receive data from the CAN bus and also leading my team to develop the telemetry system.

Midnight Sun Solar Car Team

Midnight Sun is the University of Waterloo Solar Car Team, we participate in the American Solar Car Challenge. My firmware projects on the Midnight Sun Solar Car Team include CAN Explorer, driver display, telemetry, drivers for different MCUs, and the steering stalk.




My friends and I won an award at MakeUofT21 for building Cigbot. We created a robot that would safely pick up and dispose of cigarette butts on the ground. We used a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Pi Camera to detect cigarette butts, drive towards them, and pick them up.


STM32F103C8T6 Drivers

I wrote GPIO,I2C,SPI, and USART for an STM32F103C8T6. These drivers were mainly created for me to familiarize myself with navigating datasheets and finding the right information from the right places (eg memory map, vector tables).

Hand Sanitizing Watch

Hand Sanitizing Watch

I attended the Hack the 6ix hackathon which was hosted online. My friends and I decided to have fun with this project and I had the opportunity to play with an ESP32 which I had just purchased. For the project, I wrote code to allow the ESP32 to interface with the MPU-6050 accelerometer/gyroscope with SPI and to control a servo motor according to the values of the accelerometer.

Bike Telematics

Bike Telematics Device

We named this bike telematics device Cyclus. This was created for the MakeUofT Hackathon were we worked closely with Telus and where we used their TELUS CAT M1 cellular shield as a GPS, accelerometer, and an SMS sender. The device has the capability to be "locked". When locked it will detect when someone tries to steal the users bike and will help provide constant GPS tracking to locate the bike. It will also warn the user with an SMS message.

FIRST Robotics Competition and Robot in 3 Days

Above is a video of my robotics team (7721) competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition. I participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition in highschool which was a competition to create a robot that could perform certain tasks, such as launch balls, place panels, and climb. This robot is seen above. However I also participated in Robot in 3 Days (Ri3d) which was an extension of FIRST Robotics but a 3-day sprint instead.

Graphing Robot

Graphing Robot

A program that interprets a function and provides the information to a LEGO EV3 robot for it to draw the graph of that function. This was created by 2 other mechatronics engineering students and I as a first year final project. It features a combination of C++ and RobotC.

Self Feeding Catheter

Hollow Shaft Motor Drive

I participated in the 2021 National Design League Online Designathon and worked with friends of mine to develop housing for parts of a injection molding machine. We ended up creating plates to connect the motor to the axle and bearings on the machine, which connected to the staten. The plates can be seen in blue above and is made of 1045 steel. The motor is in red.

Self Feeding Catheter

Self Feeding Catheter

A group of 3 friend and I were given a challenge at the McMaster Designathon to create a medical device that would assist doctors with inserting catheters into patients.

Automated Ferris Wheel

Automated Ferris Wheel

This ferris wheel was created for the Ontario Skills Competition. It was interesting since this was my first time having to program with Labview. My friend and I got a bronze medal in the Robotics and Control Systems category for our efforts in this one day competition.

Users go through a door, where a sensor detects how many people pass. Once a certain number of people pass, the ferris wheel starts spinning. There is an emergency stop button that will stop the whole system with one press of a button.

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